My goal is to have each student enjoy every lesson to its fullest extent.  The following is a list that will help to make this goal a reality:

Enjoy your piano as often as possible! The more you play the piano, the faster you will progress. 

Please sign onto your Zoom lesson 3-5 minutes before your set lesson time. You will be placed in the waiting room. Have your device set up where the camera shows your keyboard and your face. Always have a pencil on the piano. 


Lesson times will not be extended for tardiness. If you are not in the waiting room, I will wait 5 minutes into your lesson. If I do not hear from you in five more minutes, I will consider that lesson a “no show,” and this lesson will be forfeited.

To ensure correct hand position, fingernails need to be kept short.

You will learn best on a full-sized, touch-sensitive, 88-key piano with a pedal. I am happy to assist you in finding a piano in your price range. 

Tuition is based on one year’s tuition divided into 12 equal subscription-based payments, automatically charged to your billing card on file, at the beginning of each month. Tuition instalments are $125.00 per month for 30-minute weekly private lessons; $187.00 per month for 45 minute weekly lessons; and $250.00 per month for 1 hour weekly lessons. A one-year subscription paid up-front is discounted in the amount of one month free. Please allow one month's notice if discontinuing lessons.

Creative Keyboards observe a few holidays throughout the year: Thanksgiving week, two weeks of Christmas and one week of Spring Break, and one week each summer, to be determined each year. Tuition remains the same during these holiday months. 

Your lesson time is reserved just for you. Creative Keyboards has a no-makeup lesson policy. In the event of emergency or illness, I will use the Volley app to send videos of the lesson material.  Lessons can be given from any location. Even without access to your piano, your lesson will be full of musical growth, so let’s plan to see each other every time.


Let’s work together to make some beautiful music!