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Sheet Music

Lessons tailor made for each student's needs


Every person is different, and we each have unique styles of learning. With over 30 years of teaching experience, Ms. Oddo identifies each student’s learning style and customizes every lesson to best meet that student’s needs. 

Ms. Oddo believes students respond best to encouragement and has structured her studio with many rewards, such as a pick from the treat box for students who meet their practice goals of the week, and annual awards for those who consistently meet practice goals, as well as trophies for the students in each age group that practice the most over the year.

Faber Piano Adventures 

Ms. Oddo uses a variety of beginning method books. Her favorite method is Faber Piano Adventures. This method offers multi-media play-along songs, reading apps, and video tutorials within a Lesson Book, Performance Book, and Theory Book. This method also includes and a wide variety of extra-curricular books with fun pieces from movie themes, popular songs, and classical music themes.

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Online Experience

Online lessons provide the unique opportunity for you to have lessons on your own piano, in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Crystal uses Zoom to connect with you, which includes a view of her keyboard, as well as a music staff. She utilizes Zoom’s ability to share her screen to view your books online, using fun apps, and seeing into your learning environment. 

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